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I just got a new website, but I can't find it online. Where is my website?

So you just spent a ton of money on a new website. You painstakingly choose every photo, the logo is finally just the way you want it, you told the web designer the exact colors you want, you wrote the perfect paragraph for the home page, thought long and hard on the domain name........ and finally the big day is here. You get the news that the website is launched and live.

You prepare for the influx of calls requesting service. Hand on the phone waiting to pick up, ready to go. One day goes by. Two days, then a week and still no phone calls. You go to the computer, do a Google search for your companies name. Your website is not there. You do some searches you think your customers might do. Still nothing. Before you call your web designer and threaten the first born child make sure you are aware that:

Having a website does not promise a place on Google or any other other search engines. Having a website alone does not promise new customers, and not all web designers are advertisers.

There are millions and millions of websites online.  Only so many websites fit on the first pages of the search engines. There are many different approches to turning a website into a sales tool. Search Engine Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Directory Listings and Map listings to name a few. Depending on your business you may want to utilize one or more of these methods.

The standard that our company lives by when building websites and performing SEO services is very simple:  "If our website and advertising makes our customers money they will be happy. Happy customers are paying customers. We want happy customers"

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