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When you do a search for something online you generally see 2 kinds of results. Organic and Paid search results. 

SEM (Search Engine Marketing) = Paid Advertisements/Sponsored Links 

For immediate placement on the search engines you can buy sponsored links, also known as Pay per Clicks. As the name implies you pay when someone clicks on your website. These ads usually show up next to, above or below the search results. You can place ads on Google, Yahoo, You Tube, and tons of other places people may be looking for information regarding your service or product.

A successful Sponsored Campaign will implement the following procedures

  • Choosing the Medium (Where would the ad reach the right people?)
  • Research and Keyword Development
  • Writing and Testing Ads
  • Bidding on Keywords
  • Managing the Budget
  • Monitoring the Campaign

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) = Organic / Free Search Engine Placement

You can not buy placement in the main search results from the seach engines. SEO is the practice of altering or building a website with the intention of it showing up high in the search results for relative keywords. 

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The standard that our company lives by when building websites and performing SEO services is very simple:  "If our website and advertising makes our customers money they will be happy. Happy customers are paying customers. We want happy customers"

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